ufahamu AFRICAUfahamu Africa
is a podcast about life and politics on the continent. Our weekly episodes begin with an overview of what we’re reading and learning from the continent, followed by an in-depth interview with a thinker, maker, or innovator. New episodes are released every Saturday.

Ufahamu in Kiswahili translates to understanding or consciousness in English. The podcast will feature content and cover events with the aim of broadening our audience’s understanding of the continent.

All Ufahamu Africa episodes are Creative Commons-licensed. Our first episode aired on 7 January 2017.

Ufahamu Africa was founded by Kim Yi Dionne (@dadakim), who now co-produces the show with Rachel Beatty Riedl (@BeattyRiedl). Zamone Perez (@zamoneperez) provides research and production assistance. The podcast is supported by the political science departments at UC Riverside and Cornell University. Music is courtesy of Kevin MacLeod.

Sarah Agatoni co-produced the first half of Season 1. Other Ufahamu Africa alumni include Nikki Okondo, Rory Mumin, Cowiya Arouna, and Kara Stevick. The podcast was previously supported by Northwestern University’s Program on African Studies and a grant from Smith College‘s Committee on Faculty Compensation & Development; Ufahamu Africa’s first two seasons benefited from technical assistance provided by the Center for Media Production at Smith College (now known as the Smith Media Studios).