Ep. 124: A conversation with Tarila Marclint Ebiede about about violence and governance in Nigeria

Joining us this week is Tarila Marclint Ebiede, adjunct assistant professor of international affairs at Brussels School of Governance, Brussels, Belgium. His research examines the reintegration of ex-combatants, political violence, the impact of violent conflicts on local governance, youth and violence, peacebuilding and security in Nigeria. We talk to him about his research, the recent news of a fallen military jet plane in Nigeria, and his new Conflict Research Network (CORN) West Africa initiative.

In the news wrap, Kim and Rachel talk about that fallen military jet in Nigeria and share updates on the books you should be reading.

Listen to the episode below!

Our Guest

Tarila Marclint Ebiede

Books from the Episode

Bring Back Our Girls: The Untold Story of the Global Search for Nigeria’s Missing Schoolgirls by Joe Parkinson and Drew Hinshaw

Shari‘a, Inshallah: Finding God in Somali Legal Politics by Mark Fathi Massoud

We Do Not Have Borders: Greater Somalia and the Predicaments of Belonging in Kenya by Keren Weitzberg

New World Order: A View from the South by Claude Ake

Other Links and Articles

Conflict Research Network West Africa

“Seven years ago, #BringBackOurGirls was a global campaign. What happened?” by Laura Seay

Here’s what it means to be Somali in Kenya” by Kim Yi Dionne

Bandit fire brings down Nigeria air force jet, pilot survives” by Reuters

Drawing a Parallel between Flight Lieutenant Abayomi Dairo of Nigerian Air Force and Captain Scott O’Grady of US Air Force By Usman Okai Austin” by Usman Okai Austin

Leading Ladies S03 E08 – Vera Mlangazua Chirwa

Why Uganda is sending more officials than athletes to Tokyo” by Daily Monitor

Africa’s vaccine crisis: It’s not all about corruption” by Nanjala Nyabola

Unexamined Life: The too many faces of Edward Said” by Hussein Omar

Previous Episodes We Mentioned

Ep. 121: A conversation with Amal Fadlalla

Ep. 103: A conversation with Cyril Obi of the African Peacebuilding Network

Ep. 120: A conversation with Zachariah Mampilly on researching African politics


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