Ep. 121: A conversation with Amal Fadlalla

In her book, Branding Humanity: Competing Narratives of Rights, Violence, and Global Citizenship, Amal Fadlalla writes about the Save Darfur movement and how it gained an international following. We bring her onto the show this week for a conversation about her work and her expertise in Sudan.

In the news wrap, Kim and Rachel talk about global climate change, more updates from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, the protests in Eswatini, and more. Plus, we recommend a new podcast for our listeners!

Listen to the episode below!

Our Guest

Amal Fadlalla

Books from the Episode

Branding Humanity: Competing Narratives of Rights, Violence, and Global Citizenship by Amal Hassan Fadlalla

Embodying Honor: Fertility, Foreignness, and Regeneration in Eastern Sudan by Amal Hassan Fadlalla

Gendered Insecurities, Health and Development in Africa edited By Howard Stein and Amal Hassan Fadlalla

Batman Saves the Congo: How Celebrities Disrupt the Politics of Development by Alexandra Cosima Budabin and Lisa Ann Richey

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Other Links and Articles

Where 2020’s Record Heat Was Felt the Most” by Henry Fountain, Blacki Migliozzi and Nadja Popovich

Fierce protests in eSwatini grow from citizens’ desire for more democracy, Afrobarometer surveys find” by Sibusiso Nkomo and Josephine Appiah-Nyamekye Sanny

PICS | eSwatini student’s death sparks protests over alleged police brutality” by Lynsey Chutel

eSwatini youth stage rare rural protest against monarchy” by News24

King Maswati not fled Eswatini’s violent protests – PM” by BBC Africa

Eswatini: Anti-monarchy protests rock African kingdom” by DW

Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku appeals for calm, says King Mswati is in the country and still in control.” by Zweli Martin Dlamini

King Mswati alleged to have fled Eswatini amid violent protests” by SABC News

Ethiopia declares immediate, unilateral cease-fire in Tigray” by Cara Anna

Government’s war plan falls apart” by Africa Confidential

War casts shadow over Abiy’s election plan” by Africa Confidential

Famine Hits 350,000 in Ethiopia, Worst-Hit Country in a Decade” by Rick Gladstone

Leading Ladies S03 E06 – Queen Lozikeyi Dlodlo of the Ndebele by Women’s History Museum in Zambia

Zambia Decides 2021: Resisting a Crisis of Democracy

Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Last Leader of Africa’s Liberation Era, Dies at 97” by Patrick McGroarty

Call for Papers: Remembering Kaunda: His Life and Legacies in Southern Africa and Beyond by Southern African Institute for Policy and Research

How Not to Write an Obituary by Africa Is a Country TV

On the problem with biographies written by White Westerners by Sabrina Mahtani

Kenneth Kaunda, president and football enthusiast by Africa Is a Country TV

CODESRIA Bulletin Online, No. 19, June 2021 – Reflecting on Kaunda’s Political legacies by Reginald Ntomba

What Western Appraisals of Kenneth Kaunda Left Out” by Howard W. French

A six year old writing to Kenneth Kaunda about Muhammad Ali

Introducing APRI—the African Think Tank in Berlin

Thread by the founder of APRI, Olu Alimbola

Machine translation service for African languages (Masakhane)

Why are Cameroonian separatists attacking local chiefs?” by R. Maxwell Bone & Akem Kelvin Nkwain

Previous Episodes We Mentioned

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