Ep. 118: A rerun of our conversation with Ashley Currier about LGBT organizing in Africa

This week, we are re-airing Kim’s interview with Ashley Currier, whose work looks at LGBT organizing in Africa. Currier spoke to Kim about her books, Out in Africa and Politicizing Sex in Contemporary Africa, visibility of African activists, and homophobia on the continent.

In the news this week: a coup in Mali, volcanic eruptions in eastern Congo, and reduced food rations in Rwandan refugee camps. Plus, Kim and Rachel share a summer music recommendation!

Don’t forget to also send us your good news! We will be sharing the wins of our listeners in a future episode, anything from exciting graduation announcements to book publications to being reunited with a family member after getting vaccinated! Email us a phone recording of your good news to ufahamuafrica@gmail.com.

Listen to the episode below!

Our Guest

Ashley Currier

Books from the Episode

Out in Africa: LGBT Organizing in Namibia and South Africa by Ashley Currier

Politicizing Sex in Contemporary Africa: Homophobia in Malawi by Ashley Currier

An Uncertain Age: The Politics of Manhood in Kenya by Paul Ocobock

Other Links and Articles

Another coup in Mali? Here’s what you need to know.” by Susanna D. Wing

Mali’s acting vice president ousts leaders in second coup d’etat” by Danielle Paquette

Renegade Mali soldiers announce takeover” by BBC Africa

Mali president resigns after detention by military, deepening crisis” by Tiemoko Diallo

Soldiers Overthrow Mali Government in Setback for Democracy in Africa” by Adam Nossiter

Mali’s former coup chief takes power after military arrests president” by Reuters

Protesters in Mali have filled the streets for weeks. They say they won’t stop until the president resigns.” by Danielle Paquette and Mamadou Tapily

Democratic Republic of Congo braces for another possible volcano eruption” by Melissa Mahtani, Melissa Macaya and Meg Wagner

UN slashes food rations for refugees in Rwanda” by Hudson Kuteesa

Donors are cutting food aid for refugees in Rwanda. That’s devastating for people unable to work.” by Erika Frydenlund

France was ‘blind’ to Rwanda genocide, French report says” by BBC

Macron acknowledges some French responsibility in Rwandan genocide and asks forgiveness” by Rick Noack and Max Bearak

Loco feat. Blasto by Chmba [Official Video]

Africa New Day

Heal Africa

Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP)


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