Ep. 116: A conversation with Christina Cottiero and Expédit Ologou about Benin

Joining us this week are special guests Christina Cottiero, a political science PhD student at UC San Diego doing award-winning research on regional security issues in West Africa, and Expédit Ologou, the founder and president at the Civic Academy for Africa’s Future, an independent research think tank in Benin, and a Senior Political Governance Officer for the Benin Office of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. They join Rachel for a conversation about the presidential election in Benin and ongoing concerns about de-democratization in the country.

In the news wrap, Kim and Rachel talk about Lesotho’s political impasse, corruption in South African politics, connecting looted African art to the Black Lives Matter movement, and more.

Listen to the episode below!

Books from the Episode

Other Links and Articles

A Trip to Lesotho, the ‘Kingdom of the Sky‘” by Alan Taylor

Lesotho’s political impasse: A case of déjà vu?” by Craig Moffat

Lesotho National Assembly” by Inter-Parliamentary Union

South Africa’s ruling party is going after corrupt leaders. That’s only half the problem.” by Patrick Pierson

ANC Fully Behind Zondo Commission, Says Party Leader Ramaphosa” by Nthakoana Ngatane

Here is the ANC’s new top 6” by Alet Janse van Rensburg

The ANC’s “Top Six” in South Africa” by John Campbell

Magashule files court papers against Ramaphosa, ANC” by Emsie Ferreira

If U.S. museums say Black Lives Matter, then they should return Africa’s stolen art” by Karen Attiah

Germany Will Return Benin Bronzes to Nigeria in 2022” by Nora McGreevy

UCLA’s Fowler Museum to reach out to Nigeria about returning its Benin bronzes” by Catherine Hickley

Kenya leader’s constitutional reform bid illegal: High Court” by Al-Jazeera

At this elegant new hospital, the doctors were the designers” by Nate Berg

Concealing Conflict Markets: How Rebels and Firms Use State Institutions to Launder Wartime Trade” by Rachel Sweet

Rebels with a business cause: Part I” by Sam Ratner

Benin continues to slide toward autocracy” by Tyson Roberts

Chad’s president lived and died by the gun. Will the country shift away from militarized rule?” by Marielle Debos

Kenyan police disperse protesters demonstrating against Israeli attacks on Gaza” by Reuters

Benin’s militant problem may worsen after last month’s election” by Christina Cottiero

Previous Episodes We Mentioned

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