Ep. 112: A conversation between Kim and Rachel about COVID-19 vaccines

We’ve got another deep dive episode this week, featuring a conversation between Kim and Rachel on COVID-19 vaccines, global distribution, and the difference between equality and equity.

They also take us through some of the top news stories of the week, including ongoing talks about a hydroelectric dam on the Nile River in Egypt, the election in Djibouti, and more.

Listen to the episode below!

Books from the Episode

Bargaining for Women’s Rights: Activism in an Aspiring Muslim Democracy by Alice Kang

Other Links and Articles

The man who helped make ordinary Africans’ voices heard” by David Pilling

West Africans welcome strong government action against COVID-19. But many still don’t trust their government.” by Aminatou Seydou

Egypt, Ethiopia Tensions Escalate as Nile Dam Talks Falter” by Amira El-Fekki and Jared Malsin

Starving Tigray: How Armed Conflict and Mass Atrocities Have Destroyed an Ethiopian Region’s Economy and Food System and Are Threatening Famine” by World Peace Foundation

How Far Will the Ethiopian-Eritrean Alliance Go?” by Lynsey Chutel

The Conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region: What to Know” by Michelle Gavin

Ethiopia’s Tigray War: A Deadly, Dangerous Stalemate” by International Crisis Group

Djibouti to vote as veteran ruler Guelleh seeks fifth term” by France 24

Equitable COVID-19 vaccine distribution will lead to the biggest reduction in deaths” by Global Vaccines Alliance

‘We Are Not Guinea Pigs’: The Effects of Negative News on Vaccine Compliance” by Belinda Archibong and Francis Annan

The Legacy of Colonial Medicine in Central Africa” by Sara Lowes and Eduardo Montero

Africa has started vaccinating against the coronavirus. But do citizens trust their governments on vaccine safety?” by Aminatou Seydou

COVAX: Working for global equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines” by World Health Organization

Global Trends 2040” by the US National Intelligence Council

Previous Episodes We Mentioned

Ep6. A conversation with Dr. Melissa Graboyes on colonial medical experiments in East Africa


Coming soon!

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