Ep. 106: Repatriation of Museum Objects, Part 2

This week’s episode features Cécile Fromont, an associate professor of art history at Yale University, who was a panelist for “Repatriation of Museum Objects,” an event held by Cornell University’s Institute for European Studies. She shares her perspective through four stories, drawing on her work as a historian of African and visual material culture in the early modern period. Listen to part 1 of this episode for more context about the event.

Kim and Rachel are also celebrating the beginning of Black History Month by sharing new research that they’re excited about, the books and articles that they are reading, and some upcoming events on their radar.

Listen to the episode below!

Books from the Episode

White Ferocity:The Genocides of Non-Whites and Non-Aryans from 1492 to Date by Rosa Amelia Plumelle-Uribe

Other Links and Articles

Histories of Dress: Fashioning Identity in West Africa and the United States” by Kayla Renée Wheeler and Jody Benjamin

Black Islam Syllabus” by Kayla Renée Wheeler

A Genealogy of African Islam Modernity” by Wendell Marsh

Africa Development, Volume 45, n° 2, 2020

Ferocity of Whites, Ferocity of Capitalism” by Samir Amin

Some GOP members didn’t accept Biden’s win. What happens when an anti-democratic faction rocks a democracy?” by Rachel Beatty Riedl and Kenneth Roberts

There’s a long, troubling history behind the Capitol attack” by Kathleen Klaus and Aditi Malik

Museveni’s Rhetorical Belief in Democracy and the 2021 Elections in Uganda” by Moses Khisa

Uganda opposition leader Bobi Wine calls on court to nullify election result” by Samuel Okiror

EO.0.0.7943 in Forum on Decolonisation and colonial collections: An unresolved conflict” by Maarten Couttenier

Common Threads: Cloth, Colour, and the Slave Trade in Early Modern Kongo and Angola” by Cécile Fromont

Johann Theodor de Bry and Johann Israel de Bry, First Encounter of the Portuguese with the Ruler of Soyo and his Baptism

Goods of Luxurious Material

The 15th and 16th century Portuguese visits

Annunciation, 1515

Ambassadors from the Kongo

Previous Episodes We Mentioned

Ep56. A conversation with Dr. Anta Sané and Dr. Ndongo Symba Sylla about the Senegalese elections

Ep58. A conversation with Wendell Marsh on the history (and modernity) of Islam and the African world


Coming soon!

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