Ep. 103: A conversation with Cyril Obi of the African Peacebuilding Network

Joining us in conversation this week is Cyril Obi, program director of the African Peacebuilding Network, to talk with Rachel about the geopolitics of oil in Africa, his work with the Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Program, and the great work of the African Peacebuilding Network.

And if you’re still looking for gifts for your African studies friends, check out this week’s news wrap where Kim and Rachel share the books we should be reading. In other news, we talk Ghanian elections, all of the happenings in the Sahel, and Malawi being selected as the country of the year.

Listen to the episode below!

Our Guest

Books from the Episode

Western Sahara: War, Nationalism, and Conflict Irresolution by Stephen Zunes and Jacob Mundy

Travelling While Black: Essays Inspired by a Life on the Move by Nanjala Nyabola

Development, (Dual) Citizenship and Its Discontents in Africa: The Political Economy of Belonging to Liberia by Robtel Neajai Paile

Global Norms and Local Action: The Campaigns to End Violence against Women in Africa by Peace Medie

The Governance, Security and Development Nexus: Africa Rising edited by Kenneth Omeje

Peacebuilding in Contemporary Africa: In Search of Alternative Strategies edited by Kenneth Omeje

South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Military: Lost in Transition and Transformation by Lindy Heinecken

The Postcolonial African State in Transition: Stateness and Modes of Sovereignty by Amy Niang

Community of Insecurity: SADC’s Struggle for Peace and Security in Southern Africa by Laurie Nathan

War-Time Care Work and Peacebuilding in Africa by Fatma Osman Ibnouf

Researching Peacebuilding in Africa: Reflections on Theory, Fieldwork and Context edited by Ismail Rashid and Amy Niang

Other Links and Articles

The Politics of Pandemic Othering: Putting COVID-19 in Global and Historical Context” by Kim Yi Dionne and Fulya Felicity Turkmen

Ghana’s Election Was Largely a Referendum on President Akufo-Addo’s Economic Vision” by Richard Aidoo

Echoes of the Sahel (8 December 2020) by Clingendael Institute

The U.S. Recognized Moroccan Sovereignty over the Disputed Western Sahara. Here’s What That Means.” by Jacob Mundy

SK Global & Mazur Kaplan Company Pick Up Peace Adzo Medie’s Novel ‘His Only Wife’” by Anthony D’Alessandro

Which Is The Economist’s Country of the Year?” by The Economist

Are Women ‘Really’ Making a Unique Contribution to Peacekeeping? The Rhetoric and the Reality” by Lindy Heinecken

The Mandate Effect: A Typology and Conceptualization of Mediation Mandates” by Laurie Nathan

The Great Lakes in Africa: Regional Politics and Dynamics” by Aymar Nyenyezi Bisoka

Environmental Conflict, Traditional Institutions, and Durable Peace in Niger Delta” by Abosede Babatunde

Local Perspectives on Food Security in Nigeria’s Niger Delta” by Abosede Babatunde

The Geopolitical Consequences of Oil in Africa: The Case of Nigeria” by Cyril Obi

Oil and the International Politics of the African State” by Cyril Obi

Previous Episodes We Mentioned

Ep. 91. A conversation with Peace Medie about gender and conflict in Africa, writing research and fiction, and more

Ep. 102: A conversation with Noah Nathan about the Ghanaian election


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