Ep. 101: A conversation with Anne Meng about authoritarianism and leadership succession

Why would a dictator create constraints to their own power? Anne Meng explains to us in this week’s episode! Meng shares her expertise, which can also be found in her newly published article, “Winning the Game of Thrones,” and book, “Constraining Dictatorship.”

In other news, Kim and Rachel cover Ivorian elections, term limits, and the insurgency in Northern Mozambique.

Listen to the episode below!

Our Guest

Books from the Episode

How Insurgency Begins: Rebel Group Formation in Uganda and Beyond by Janet Lewis

Southern Politics in State and Nation by V.O. Key

Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Other Links and Articles

Winning the Game of Thrones: Leadership Succession in Modern Autocracies” by Anne Meng

Ivory Coast Reelected Its President. Opposition Candidates Boycotted the Voting.” by Tyson Roberts

Are Efforts to Limit Presidential Power in Africa Working?” by Rachel Beatty Riedl

So Many ‘Africanists,’ So Few Africans” by Zack Zimbalist

So Many ‘Africanists,’ So Few Africans: Reshaping Our Understanding of ‘African Politics’ through Greater Nuance and Amplification of African Voices” by Zack Zimbalist

Trajectory of Violence in Northern Mozambique Points to Long-term Security Challenge” by Emilia Columbo

The Genesis of Insurgency in Northern Mozambique” by David M. Matsinhe and Estacio Valoi

Why Ethiopia’s Conflict Could Spill beyond Its Borders” by David Kampf

Another First for Okonjo-Iweala, the 2020 African of the Year” by allAfrica

A Former Ambassador Says the U.S. Needs to Reimagine Its Engagement with a Modern Nigeria” by John Campbell

Previous Episodes We Mentioned

Ep. 40: A conversation with Abou Bamba on Francafrique, the Ivorian miracle, and more

Ep. 63: A conversation with Muna Ndulo on international financial transparency, investment vs. insurgency, and more


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