Ep. 98: A conversation between Patrick Mbullo Owuor and Denielle Elliott

In the news this week: #EndSARS, elections in Tanzania, and more. Kim and Rachel put these events into context and share what you need to know.

This week’s interview features guest host Patrick Mbullo Owuor in conversation with Denielle Elliott about the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), Elliott’s new research, and more!

Listen to the episode below!

Books from the Episode

Reimagining Science and Statecraft in Postcolonial Kenya: Stories from an African Scientist by Denielle Elliott

A Different Kind of Ethnography: Imaginative Practices and Creative Methodologies, Edited by Denielle Elliott and Dara Culhane

How Autocrats Compete: Parties, Patrons, and Unfair Elections in Africa by Yonatan Morse

Constraining Dictatorship: From Personalized Rule to Institutionalized Regimes by Anne Meng

Sick Building Syndrome and the Problem of Uncertainty: Environmental Politics, Technoscience, and Women Workers by Michelle Murphy

Other Links and Articles

“Nigerian Protestors Have Been Shot at by Security Forces in Lagos #EndSARS Demonstrations” by Yomi Kazeem


“Nigeria’s Useless Politicians Are Trying to Crush #EndSARS. Africa’s Leaders Are Silent” by Karen Attiah

“Opposition Complains of Repression as Tanzania Heads to the Polls”

King’s College London Africa Week

King’s Archives Showcase Part of Their Collection ahead of Africa Week 2020

Keynote Lecture: Global Blackness and Transnational Solidarity with Dr. Awino Okech

African Studies Association Annual Teachers’ Workshop 2020: Transnational Solidarities

Podcasts and the Study of Africa: A Digital Technology’s Impact on Research, Teaching, and Public Engagement

Neurological Imaginaries

Center for Imaginative Ethnography (CIE)

The Rift Valley Institute Is Hiring!

The African Peacebuilding Network Is Hiring!

Previous Episodes We Mentioned

Ep. 96: A conversation with Yonatan Morse about the 3 crises in Cameroon


Coming soon!

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