Links this week: Burundi elections, the relationship of democracy and COVID-19, and more

SAIS Panel Poster

Follow the links below to connect to what you heard on episode 93, featuring a panel sponsored by the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Kim Dionne, Ufahamu Africa co-host, and Ken Opalo, a regular voice on the podcast, spoke on the politics and policy of COVID-19 on the continent. 

From the news wrap: 

  • Read an article from Hamza Mohamed (@Hamza_Africa) about the situation revolving around Burundi’s recent election.
  • Learn more about the Burundi government’s order of a two week quarantine that locked out poll observers in an article by Business Ghana. 
  • For more on the resignation of Lesotho’s longtime prime minister, read a CNN update by David McKenzie (@McKenzieCNN)
  • To learn more about Lesotho Prime Minister Thabane’s imprint on the country, read a piece by Charles Fogelman (@charlesfogelman) and John Aerni-Flessner (@LesothoJohn).
  • Take a listen to episode 22 of Ufahamu Africa, where we had John Aerni-Flessner (@LesothoJohn) speak on Lesotho elections in 2017. 
  • Think about purchasing John Aerni-Flessner’s (@LesothoJohn) book, Dreams for Lesotho: Independence, Foreign Assistance, and Development, published by Notre Dame Press. 
  • Read a French article about the election results in Benin.
  • Learn more about Finbarr O’Reilly and his efforts to lift up local voices in the DRC in an article by Kate Bubacz (@bubaczery).
  • Take a look at Congo in Conversation, a photographic project aimed to highlight the work of local Congolese photographers across the country. 
  • To learn more about submitting a project or paper to the Working Group in African Political Economy, take a look here.
  • Read more on the relationship between public health and democracy in Julia Leininger’s (@Ju_Lein) article for the German Development Institute. 
  • Watch a panel on democratic challenges in the time of COVID-19 from Einaudi Center for International Studies at Cornell. 

And here is some bonus content not mentioned in the news wrap: 

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