Links this week: Legislative elections in Mali, COVID and Elections in Malawi, and more

Ep 92 Links Poster

Follow the links below below to connect to what you heard in Episode 92, featuring a panel on entrepreneurship amidst the pandemic, from the Africa Summit at Princeton University

From the news wrap: 

  • Read a report from France 24 on election rigging and intimidation in Mali’s runoff election. Then read another piece from Jeune Afrique on COVID and elections in Mali. 
  • For Malawi election coverage, read Golden Matonga (@GoldenMatonga) and his piece on the dispute between President Mutharika and the courts on a lockdown in the country. 
  • Look at a Twitter thread featuring a sit-in by doctors and nurses in Malawi, calling notice to their grievances and need for more PPE. 
  • Read a report from Afrobarometer (@afrobarometer) on survey data collected in 2019 on the challenges Malawians would face during a lockdown. 
  • In regards to trade and economies during COVID-19, take a look at an article by Danielle Resnick (@D_E_Resnick) on the effects of the urban food trade. 
  • Read more on informal markets and political order in “The Politics of Order in Informal Markets: Evidence from Lagos” by Shelby Grossman (@shelbygrossman).
  • For more on agriculture and pandemics, read this article by Sudha Narayanan (@_SudhaNarayanan) on how India is dealing with the lockdown. 
  • To support a new weekly publication covering the continet, check out The Continent, a new magazine published by the Mail & Guardian. And check out Simon Allison (@simonallison) and his Twitter thread, which provides some background on the magazine. 
  • Tolu Ogunlesi (@toluogunlesi) shared a tweet about collective art during the pandemic. The group Unabashed Africa (@unabashedafrica) is calling on people to share art they produce during the pandemic. 
  • Learn more about the efforts the G20 are taking to postpone some of Africa’s debt (and where it falls short).
  • Make sure to sign up for the African Politics Conference Group’s upcoming virtual panel today. 

And here is some bonus content not mentioned in the news wrap: 

  • Find out more about why a Kenyan Governor is being criticized for his COVID-19 care packages. 
  • Read more on how Ghana’s police officers are providing free water to communities.
  • Learn more about Zimbabwe’s efforts to lockdown amid coronavirus and how that may contribute to a malaria outbreak.

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