Links Round Up: End of Ebola in DRC, Lagos Coronavirus patient, power balances and more.

On episode 88, Professor Nic Cheeseman spoke with Kim at the African Studies Association Annual Meeting in Boston late last year. 

In the news wrap, Rachel and Kim speak about ebola in the DRC, Coronavirus cases on the continent, and elections in Côte d’Ivoire. 

Here are some links mention in this week’s newswrap to check out: 

  • Read the remarks of WHO Assistant Director-General of Emergency Response Ibrahima Soce Fall (@DamelSoceFall) about the nearing end of Ebola in the DRC
  • Look at Timothy Longman’s (@Timlongman) tweet about how Ebola prepared the Congeles response to Coronavirus
  • Read an article by Danielle Paquette (@DPAQreport) and Max Bearak (@maxbearak) about the first case of Coronavirus reaching sub-Saharan Africa in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Read an article by Anne Meng, Tim Horely, and Mila Versteeg on the relationship between new authoritarianism and constitutional power balances

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