Bonus: Anna Mwaba’s review of Elizabeth Schmidt’s book on foreign intervention in Africa

Schmidt (2).png

Anna Mwaba (@AnnaKapambwe), the McPherson/Eveillard Postdoctoral Fellow in Government at Smith College and the featured guest in Ufahamu Africa episode 25, wrote this review of Foreign Intervention in Africa After the Cold War, a 2018 book written by Elizabeth Schmidt and published by Ohio University Press (@OhioUnivPress). In this bonus recording, hear Ufahamu Africa host Kim Dionne read Mwaba’s review.

The review was published in an earlier installment of the African Politics Summer Reading Spectacular (#APSRS19), and this recording is being shared as part of a collaboration with The Monkey Cage (@monkeycageblog), a blog on politics and political science at The Washington Post.

If you’re missing Ufahamu Africa while we’re on a brief summer break, have a listen to episodes in the archives and our three earlier bonus features for this summer’s reading series.

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