Links this week: Decreasing democracy in Tanzania, Ghana responds to US visa sanctions, and more

We began our conversation this week on Tanzania and a proposed amendment to the Political Parties Act that would put opposition parties under greater scrutiny. This follows legislative moves to further stifle dissent.

Here are the other stories and links featured in our newswrap segment as well as a few BONUS links:

  • Political scientist Rachael McLellan (@RachaelMcLellan), wrote about increasing authoritarianism in Tanzania.
  • The Ugandan government ordered the country’s main independent newspaper to shut down.
  • Our guest from episode 52, Matthew Page (@MatthewTPage), shared an infographic which highlights how few women are running for office in Nigeria this year.
  • An article in African Arguments explores fake news in Nigeria and what that could mean for elections this month.
  • OkayAfrica reports the latest on the United States visa sanctions against Ghana.
  • Ghana’s ministry of foreign affairs released a statement on these sanctions.
  • Chad’s Electoral Commission will apparently be put in place this month following election delays.
  • If you’re an inspiring African leader wanting to pursue a PhD in the field of public service, governance, or development, be sure to apply for one of the Ibrahim Scholarships.
  • A piece on protest in Sudan– the past and the present.
  • LGBT activist movement in Kenya seeks to repeal laws criminalizing homosexuality.

And here are a few book recommendations from one of this week’s guests, Dr. Ndongo Samba Sylla (@nssylla):

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