Ep27. Our first ever Summer Beats Soundtrack

This week is a special episode of Ufahamu Africa. Instead of our standard format of catching you up on the week’s news and then featuring a conversation with a thinker, maker, or innovator, we’ve compiled our first-ever Summer Beats Soundtrack. Have a listen to some of the top songs featured in earlier episodes. Here is the track list:

0:32      🇸🇩Sinkane (@Sinkane), U’Huh, featured in Episode 7

4:37      🇹🇿Rosa Ree (@rosa_ree1), Up in the Air, featured in Episode 16

7:53      🇳🇦Elemotho, Black Man, featured in Episode 12

12:27    🇰🇪Phy, Taabu (care of EnnovatorMusic and produced by timwork), featured in Episode 19

16:25    🇷🇼Darkecy (@Darkecy), Hungry, featured in Episode 9

20:14    🇳🇦Ulethu (@UlethuG), Huya, featured in Episode 17

23:54    🇧🇫sams’k Lejah, Si Tu Parles, featured in Episode 2


If you are a musician and want your song featured in a future episode, please email us.

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