What we’re reading this week: Chimamanda Adichie, Ethiopia’s collapsed landfill, Morocco’s new Prime Minister, and more

Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie at the Howard County Library System’s Miller Branch in 2014. (CC license/Flickr)

We apologize that this week’s round-up of reads is publishing so late. It’s hard to shake Spring Break and get back to reality.

To weather the recent cold (hahahaha), I’ve been listening to the live recording of Congolese music we played in our latest episode. If you liked the music and find yourself on your way to Kinshasa, check out Chez Beki/Quick Poulet’s Facebook page to see what’s on the schedule. We also recommend our earlier episode featuring a conversation with Dr. Laura Seay, an expert on Congolese politics.

We talked in the last episode of tragic news from Ethiopia. Earlier this month, a landfill in the capital Addis Ababa collapsed, killing at least 113 people. The New York Times reported earlier this week on the event, linking the constraints the Ethiopian government faces in providing rubbish services to the anti-government Oromo Protests.

Most of our conversation in the studio last week was about the recent controversy surrounding remarks made by Chimamanda Adichie on trans womanhood. Watch her remarks in the original interview. And then read Adichie’s Facebook post that followed. But most definitely read what this transwoman reporter had to say about the controversy and the broader historical context in which this is embedded.

Check out the Africa-related posts this week on The Monkey Cage at The Washington Post that we mentioned:

And here are a few other great pieces we didn’t have a chance to talk about in the last episode:

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