What we’re reading this week: WEB DuBois, the lack of African children’s books, and more

thegeorgianegroThis week’s episode marks the end of our Black History Month series. Sadface.

February 23rd was WEB DuBois’s birthday and in advance of that, there has been renewed interest in some hand-drawn data visualizations in The Georgia Negro: A Social Study, published in 1900. Anne Quito at Quartz provides some more information about the data visualizations used in WEB DuBois’s sociological study and has curated some great examples of those scanned by the US Library of Congress.

During our chat, Dan Magaziner, also had a WEB DuBois reading recommendation — The Philadelphia Negro:

Whether you’ve listened to this week’s episode or not, we urge you to read the Q&A Magaziner did with Sean Jacobs published last week on Africa is a Country. It’s a great peek into what his book, The Art of Life in South Africa, is about.

In Quartz, Yomi Kazeem draws from an interview of Chimamanda Adichie by The Atlantic (see below)  to write “Chimamanda Adichie says we don’t have enough children’s books that tell African realities”. New mom Adichie talks about the lack of children’s books representing African stories. We agree — which is why in Episode #2, we interviewed Priscilla Takondwa Semphere about her children’s book series.

Here are a few other things we found interesting, but didn’t have time to share in this week’s episode:

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