From Episode #5: What we’re reading this week

Dewey by angela n. on Flickr.
Dewey by angela n. on Flickr.

We started off this week’s podcast episode talking about U.S. President Trump’s executive order banning entry to all refugees and to nationals of seven majority-Muslim countries.

Not related to the ban, and not something we’re reading — but something we’re listening to: An episode of the BBC Radio 4 podcast “Seriously” called “Out in Africa.” In the radio documentary, BBC Journalist Zack Adesina explores what it means to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender in Africa.

Dr. T.J. Tallie shared a couple of books he’s been reading in our chat with him:

And here are a few bonus links of things we didn’t get to mention during this week’s episode:

  • Sinkane curates a Music Break for Africa is a Country of a selection of songs from Sudan. (FYI, his store is also selling these awesome tote bags! We might have bought two…)
  • For those of you lucky people living in the City of Angels, LA Weekly has a list of restaurants serving food from the seven countries targeted by Trump’s executive order.
  • The Congo Research Group writes of the passing of Etienne Tshisekedi, “a behemoth of Congolese politics, a man who despite his deep flaws came to embody the hopes of millions.”

Finally, the champions of AFCON 2017 are the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon:

Not that we were picking one African country over another, but yeah, I guess we were.

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