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Ep. 113: A conversation with Nanjala Nyabola Ufahamu Africa

In a special podcast mashup with Migrations: A World on the Move, hosted by Cornell postdoc Eleanor Paynter, we interview Nanjala Nyabola on human mobilities, asylum, vaccine nationalism, and activism that centers human experiences. Her new book, Travelling While Black, is a collection of essays on her experiences traveling to over 70 countries. Plus, she offers us a number of African novels on migration that we should read next! This conversation was recorded at an event held on April 12 called Race and Racism Across Borders, hosted by Cornell University's Migrations initiative and the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies. … More Ep. 113: A conversation with Nanjala Nyabola
  1. Ep. 113: A conversation with Nanjala Nyabola
  2. Ep. 112: A conversation between Kim and Rachel about COVID-19 vaccines
  3. Ep. 111: A conversation between Kim and Rachel about the protests in Senegal

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Update your African politics reading list with help from Kim and Rachel. We’ve read books by Simukai Chigudu, Jeffrey Paller, and our very own Rachel Beatty Riedl.

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